Mgr Paulina Sarnowska (Master of Physical Therapy) - physiotherapist, masseuse.

A professional and passionate masseuse, who majored in physiotherapy in Bydgoszcz. A 2014 graduate of first and second degree courses of massage in Torun, and a 2016 graduate of taping course, used in rehabilitation and sport. She has experience in general development gymnastics for seniors, rehabilitation of posture defects and healthy spine gymnastics in children. She participated in the scientific/training conference "Comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation - current needs and possibilities" in 2013. She participated in the international scientific conference "Health - the proper functioning of the human in all spheres of life" in 2012 in Bydgoszcz. In “Instytut Perła” she specializes in massage and orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation, as well as correction of the body posture and taping (Elastic therapeutic tape) rehabilitation.


  • Doctor’s recommendation
  • Post exercise fatigue
  • Contractures, paresis, paralysis
  • Strained or and torn tendons
  • Fractures, dislocations, sprains and contusions
  • Subacute inflammation of tendons, bursitis, sheaths, joint capsules
  • Overload changes in muscles and joints
  • Spine pain syndromes
  • Neuralgia
  • Faulty posture (acquired and innate)
  • Scars and keloids
  • Recuperation after prolonged immobilization, illness or accident
  • Rheumatic and degenerative joints (not in remission, exacerbation)
  • Past ischemic and haemorrhagic brain stroke
  • Neurological diseases including Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis
  • Tiredness, fatigue, stress, sleep deprivation, neurosis, problems with concentration
  • excessive physical or mental strain


  • Fever (over 38℃)
  • Acute and subacute inflammation
  • Diseases of the skin, accompanied by blisters, eczema, purulent lesions and inflammation
  • Interrupted continuity of the skin, open wounds
  • Osteogenesis imperfecta and incomplete bone union
  • Decompensated heart defects
  • Vascular diseases including atherosclerosis, inflammation of the veins, vascular diathesis, varicose veins and
  • Advanced hypertension
  • Haemorrhage, or the risk of such occurring
  • Disorders of blood clotting - haemophilia
  • Infectious diseases, infections
  • Cancer (up to 5 years)
  • Post torn or ruptured tendons and muscles
  • Pregnancy - doctor's recommendation and consent is necessary to perform a massage
  • Menstruation - contraindication to the massage of the abdomen and the lumbar spine
  • Malaise, dizziness, weakness of the body
Name Price
Consultation 30 min 45 PLN
Orthopaedic rehabilitation 60 min 80 PLN
Neurological rehabilitation 60 min 80 PLN
Individual exercises 45 min 50 PLN
Light therapy (e.g. Inflammation, pain in the spine) one area of the body 15 PLN
Kinesio taping in rehabilitation and sport (elastic therapeutic tape) one application 35 PLN
Name Price
Lymphatic drainage (upper or lower limbs) 40 min 60 PLN
Isometric / sports massage one area 20 min 40 PLN
Therapeutic massage of the spine 30 min 60 PLN
Classic massage of the upper limbs 20 min 40 PLN
Classic massage of the lower limbs 30 min 50 PLN
Classic massage of the back and spine 30 min 50 PLN
Full body (except intimate places) classic massage 60 min 120 PLN
Slimming massage (abdomen, thighs, buttocks) 30 min 55 PLN
Massage of the face, neck and neckline 20 min 45 PLN
Massage the face and neck with a nutritional mask* 40 min 100 PLN
Foot massage with a nutritional mask* 45 min 80 PLN
Foot / hand massage 20 min 40 PLN
Chinese cupping massage 30 min 55 PLN /

60 min 110 PLN

Hot stone massage 60 min one side of the body 120 PLN
Hot stone massage 90 min whole body 180 PLN
Relaxing full body (except intimate places) massage with elements of reflexology 70 min 120 PLN
Full body massage (except intimate places) + peeling* 90 min 180 PLN
Anti-stress treatment with aromatherapy 70 min 90 PLN
Massage with warm oil 30 min 60 PLN